What is BuyBPCredits.com?

BuyBPCredits.com offers Backpage Credits deposited directly into your Backpage account from the comfort of your own home.

What forms of payments are accepted?

BuyBPCredits accepts almost all payment methods. This includes, but not limited to; credit and debit cards, pre-paid/gift cards, cash, wires, money orders, etc. Have a preferred method you’d like to use? Great, just contact us and we’ll discuss it!

Is BuyBPCredits.com safe to use?

We provide the only true safe outlet to purchase Backpage Credits. All purchases and account information are confidential and protected by our many layers of encryption and tight office management. All orders may be completed online or via phone.  You’ll never have to worry about meeting with strangers dealing with our service!

Is BuyBPCredits.com affiliated with Backpage.com?

No, we’re not. We’re just an independent third party offering a convenience service to Backpage.com users in need of Backpage credits.

What are BP Credits?

BP Credits are credits used for posting in certain sections on Backpage.com. As of recent, Backpage.com requires paid posts to be made in the form of Bitcoin or PaySafe. Our service removes the hassle of purchasing credits and loading them on to an account. You hire us, we provide  Backpage Credits 100% ready to use. FYI, BP is short for Backpage! 😉

Is identification required?

No. Photo ID is not required for purchasing. In certain instances of card payments, photos of the card used may be required for verification and security purposes. Other than that, we will not ask for any sensitive, personal identifying information.

Is a bank account required?

No. We accept many different payment methods. Unless you select such a method –we’re happy to proceed with an alternative. It is just one of the many reasons to choose us – convenience and flexibility!

Will I be required to provide my Social Security number?

Absolutely not! Nor will our customer support representatives ever ask.

How do I make my purchase?

It’s simple – Register for a new account, then open a support ticket for our sales department. In ticket details, please provide us with the amount of credits you require and your preferred payment method. Our representatives will be in contact shortly. Alternatively, you may reach us at all times via phone: 888-733-4102 or e-mail: Support@BuyBPCredits.com.

How long will it take to complete my purchase?

As soon as payment is received, your personal Backpage account will be created and loaded with the requested amount of credits immediately. In certain cases you may be required to provide a photo of the card used, or copy of receipt for pre-paid/gift/reload packs. No need to worry – our reps are here to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Does BuyBPCredits.com sell Bitcoin?

No. Something better! We offer options to purchase Backpage Credits with Bitcoin, but unfortunately due to certain local and federal regulations, it’s best if we refrain from selling just Bitcoin. We hope you understand.


Backpage Sent me here, I need help!

If you are like hundreds of other people who have had a bad experience. Then contacted BP Support, we can help! Backpage directs numerous people on a daily basis to our site.

If Backpage.com’s Support has sent you here please visit our Backpage Support page.

If the change to Bitcoins for Backpage has been especially hard on you, don’t feel bad, your not alone. There are thousands of people just like you and we have helped them all; we can help you also. We make getting support easy as well. The first step is contacting us.
You can reach us by live chat. You can go to any page on our site and click on the live chatbox located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. You can also submit a support ticket. However, if your more of a phone person you can call or text 561-660-0986. We have reps. waiting eagerly to handle your requests. Don’t let Bitcoins for Backpage stop your ads from going live anymore!