Backpage still works!

Backpage lives – You can still post (and its sooo much chaper) !!..

A lot of people are running around screaming “Backpage is dead, life isn’t worth living”.. Ok, well maybe we made up the “life isn’t worth living part” but some people are getting pretty dramatic about it.




You can Still Post, still get calls and still make MONEY!

Backpage isn’t dead – Backpage is nowhere even close to “death”, Backpage is alive, alive and kicking. Kicking back as a matter of facts! Backpage posters are  Still making thousands, again Backpage Posters are still pulling in thousands of dollars a day! Where you ask ? Checkout  Message” and “Dating“, if you haven’t already..


Find a Date – Get a Massage – Advertise it all |

Backpage has removed the Adult Section of its site. However, the doors have not been closed to everyone. You can now find a date on Backpage using backpage’s Dating section and or a Massage, in the Massage section. More importantly to most reading this site is the ability to advertise their services, WHICH THEY CAN!!!


Not even a week ago (from the time posting this ad) people were complaining about paying up to $10.00 an ad on Backpage’s adult section. After the adult section went down posting  in the dating section is only $1.00 and an ad in the Massage section is $3.00.


Do you need help! Let us know, thats what we are here for! When Backpage went down we were here to assist you and answer all the question you had. Now that Backpage has shut down its adult section we are here to assist anyone who might need help.


You can reach us through live chat, Text message, email or phone 561-660-0986.

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