We are NOT – we are


  • Warning when Purchasing Credits from you do so at your own RISK. We (BPCredits) are NOT responsible for what happens nor can we help if you do not get your credits.


  • Be advised and are two different companies located in two different places ran by two different sets of staff.  WE ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY..! also known as is located in Hollywood Florida and can be reached by visiting, Also know as “Fast Credits” is located in North Carolina and can be reached by visiting or


The Receipt Below is an example of a AKA Receipt, and “Fast Credits are all the same company. If you would like to call them their last known phone numbers are (843) 510-2323 (843) 580-4067 – or email at


When you call 561-660-0986 you are calling AkA BpCreditscom  Please REMEMBER WE ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY!


When your credits are available we send a very simple message to your email using our ticket system. So you can login to the ticket system and see a message like the one below.. Notice it looks NOTHING like aka




When you order credits from our site ( at you will receive your credits in 15 to 30 but could sometimes take a little longer, however, you will ALWAYS get your credits from us or you will get your money back.


When you deal with you will always get your credits! When you deal with us your are dealing with most repeatable company in the industry with the longest history. We were the first site up and have the longest utilizing latest technology ensuring speed, stability and reliability.

When it comes to getting BackPage Credits (Bitcoins for Backpage)  BPCredits are the BEST.

Do you have a receipt from BackpageCredits, Bitcoin4Backpage or (Fast Credits)  contact us and we maybe be able to help.. Send an email, call or text us at 561-660-0986. Read More About Fast Credits (

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