Bank Deposit

Depositing money is easy, credits will be available 1 hour after deposit.  We accept deposits in Bank of America.


If you are a new customer please register for an account. If your already a customer, please sign in.

After signing into your account all you have to do is submit a ticket, message one of our reps through live chat or text us at 561-660-0986. Please include your phone number.

How to create new ticket

  1. Click on open a new ticket.
  2. Fill in all of your information. Email, phone etc..
  3. In the issue summary section, Please type: Bank Deposit Purchase
  4. In the body of the support ticket, please tell us the amount you would like to purchase and what type of card your using. Debit, credit, prepaid etc…
  5. Scroll down, and type in the captcha code exactly as it appears, then click “Create Ticket“.

Your all set, once everything is submitted, one of our agents will contact you by phone Email or Phone. You will be given an account number, deposits can be made during regular banking hours via bank teller.

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