Bitcoins for Backpage – World Wide

BPCredits @ is an American / Canadian site. Meaning we only operate in the US or Cananda but our sister site works world wide. Need to get in touch with them, you can email

Do live outside of the continental United States but still need Bitcoins for Backage ? Well our sister site has just made major announcement and will now be servicing the entire world.  Sarting 7/27/2017 Bitcoins for Backpage  well now be taking orders from Countries all over the world For the U.S.


bitcons for backpage Flags of the world


The prices are going to remain the same but the converge is going to grow Credits cost $2.00 each, our minimum purchase is $10.00 and our Maximum purchase is 100.00. If you are using a personal debit or credit card the limit is $20.00 a day (10 credits).. If you would like to go higher you can do so by purchasing any pre-paid one time use debit or gift card. This includes Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift and preferably Visa Vanilla

Remember though, if you are paying with a pre-paid card you must keep a copy of the receipt showing your paid cash.  No matter if you live in China, Japan, Mexico or Dubia. If you need Bitcoin for Backpage Credits message us today and get your ads live..

Don’t see nations flag in the image ? do’t be alarmed as long as your currency is supported by PayPal We will support it as well.

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