Backpage Credit SpeedPass


Verify your account today! Get Backpage Credits Faster..


Submitting just a few bits of information can have your account verified and opened to all types of new limits and annual discounts.


When you verify your account your account becomes, priority. Meaning all verified customers will always be funded faster! When you verify your account will have to have a government Identification, and a card to match it.

Account ID Verification Instructions:

  1. First you must have an account – you can register your account here (If you already have an account you can skip to step 5)
  2. After you register for an account make sure you check your email to click the activation link.
  3. After clicking the activation link that was sent to your email please login to your account.
  4. After logging into your account for the first time you will need to verify your phone number. A pin will be sent to your phone you then enter into the site.
  5. Once your account is all set up and ready to go all you have to do is contact staff by text or calling (561) 660-0986
  6. We will ask you to send us a picture of you holding your Government issued ID or Drivers licence as well as the Bank card you would like to use for your purchases.

Here is an Example: selfie-ID-bankcard

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